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Subject: College Cock (Larry) Part 3 of 8College Cocks, part 3 of 8 (M/T, T/T, w/s)—————————————————————————-
This is a story which involves sex between young males. If that is not your
thing, what are you doing here?
If you are under 18 in most jurisdictions, you should not be reading this,
but I take no responsibility for
your actions. It takes place in an unspecified time and place and the
characters do not worry about HIV or AIDS. If you are sexually active in
today’s world, you should be aware of the risks.
———————————————-College cocks
Timmy grinned. “It’s a story, all right. There was this doll of a
freshman living in my dorm; a kid named Dean Gould. He was naive as hell,
but had a body that wouldn’t stop, and deep dark brown eyes you could swim
in. Hung like a mule, too, and believe me I made sure I timed a couple of
showers to find out.
“But. Innocent as Adam before the bitch picked the fruit. I swear I
didn’t think he’d discovered jerking off yet. For Christ’ sake, the kid
missed the point of most dirty jokes until they were explained to him. A
real puppy dog, though, almost too anxious to make friends. Well, as cute
as he was, I made friendly with him, and suddenly I had a little
brother. It got to the point that he was spending more time in my room than
his, unless I had to study and flat out kicked him out. It was more than I
could take, with this extremely desirable little hunk always there and
never available.
“One night, he was complaining about how sore he was from Phys. Ed. I
knew his instructor, a male bull dyke if ever there was one. The name is
Reckford, and a real closet case. I think he gets his jollies pushing the
freshman as hard as he can. Probably beats off at night while thinking up
fiendish new calisthenics routines. Anyway, Dean had him, and was paying
for it. With eighteen devious scenarios forming in my head, I said real
casually that I could give a pretty mean rubdown, if he wanted. He said
Getting Naked Preteen Boys him stripped down to his jockeys was easy. I doubt if he even
contemplated any reason not to. And I started off legit. He was tight, no
question. With him on his stomach, I kneaded his shoulders and back until I
felt him start to relax. He kept telling me how good it felt, and what a
real friend I was. I almost told him to shut up. He quieted down a bit when
I got to his lower back, and I was pretty sure he moved once to adjust
something under him. Then I started to work on his legs, at the calves
first, gradually working my way up to his thighs.
“Needless to say, by this time I had a roaring erection, which I tried
to position as unobtrusively to one side in my jeans as possible. Massaging
his thighs, I kind of nudged them apart, to get to the insides. Looking at
that jockey-clad butt half spread right below me, it was all I could do to
keep from burying my face in it, but I was determined to take it slow. I
wanted to get the kid so hot he wouldn’t be able to say no once I got to
that point. So I just patted those twin cheeks, gently but definitely
suggestively, and told him to roll over.
“He’d gotten even quieter by then, and he cleared his throat like he
was gonna say something, but didn’t. He rolled over, kind of slowly, and I
could see that he was blushing, and his eyes avoided mine. The front of
those jockeys was definitely fuller than it had been when he stripped
down. Not fully hard, but on its way. To keep from spooking him, I just
ignored the blush and the swelling in his groin, and went back to work on
his shoulders and chest. Now he wasn’t talking at all, just sort of sighing
while I massaged him. I also caught him sneaking a glance at my crotch, and
I know he could tell I was packing a rod.
“Without a word, I shifted back to his legs, once again starting just
above his ankles, and working my way slowly and sensually up toward his
groin. The closer I got, the bigger the now unmistakable bulge in the pouch
of his briefs. The ridge was snaking its way up toward the waistband, and
when my fingers reached the tender skin inside the vee of his crotch, he
gave a low muffled ‘Oh, God!’ and the head pushed past it, sticking out of
the elastic.
“It was glistening with pre-lube, and I abandoned the pretense of a
massage and put my hand right on that hard shaft of hot meat. He didn’t say
a word, but moaned deep in his throat, and flexed his crotch against my
grip. When I grabbed the band of his briefs, he just lifted his hips and
let me pull them down and off, and there he was, stark naked, flat on his
back in my bed, with a fucking seven-inch plus hardon begging for
I laughed. “Bet you figured out just what to do with it, too.”
“Uh-huh. I’d already locked the door before starting to give him his
rubdown. My roomie was gone for the night, shacked up with a hot Coast
Guardsman he’d picked up hitching, but I didn’t want anyone else barging
in. Neither Dean nor I said a word when I started to stroke that hot pole,
slowly jerking him off. When I knew he was good and hot, and not about to
protest or run away - he was too horny for that now - I bent over and went
down on him.
“Lord, was that kid suckable! His balls had this rich smell, hot and
masculine and sexy. Probably hadn’t shot a load Naked Preteen Boys since his last wet dream
and it was all that stored-up jism that smelled so good. And his boner was
straight as a ruler, jutting up vertically from his thick bush of jet-black
hair. A dick made to be sucked, and I did! In a couple of minutes I was
taking it all the way to the pubes on every stroke, long-dicking my own
throat and slurping at it like sex had just been invented, just for us.
“At first he just lay there, hands at his sides, groaning a little when
my tongue found all the super-sensitive spots on his beautiful dick. Hell,
I didn’t care; I’d have done him for trade eight times a week. But after a
couple of minutes, it started to get to him. First I felt a hand on my
shoulder, gripping it while I sucked him off. Then his hips began to pump a
little, driving that stud-pole up to meet my downward strokes. Before three
minutes had passed, he was holding my head gently with both hands, guiding
me on and off of his throbbing cock, and he became an active Naked Preteen Boys player in his
own deflowering.
“Usually I can tell when a dude’s about to come, but Dean managed to
surprise me. I was Naked Preteen Boys happily slurping away, just about to shift down to his
hot, musky nuts and eat then for a while, Naked Preteen Boys
when suddenly his entire body
stiffened, like someone under post-hypnotic suggestion who’s been keyed to
go rigid. ‘Oh, Tim!’ he cried, ‘OH!’ and fucking exploded! I was all the
way down on his dick when the first bolt hit, and I thought there was a
real possibility he’d drown me in come. I have never seen anyone come up
with a bigger load, before or since.
“He just kept shooting, over and over again. Every Naked Preteen Boys spurt would have
passed for a decent climax from a lot of guys, and he must have kept it
coming for a full two minutes. He was moaning and clutching my head, his
whole frame trembling so violently I wondered if the bed would last. Hell,
I wondered if I would! I was swallowing like the experienced whore I am,
but I could not keep up. By the time he finally started to come down, his
pubes were soaked with the jism that I couldn’t keep up with.”
I swilled down the last of the beer. Of course, I was nearly hard
again, partly from Timmy’s story and partly from the fact that he was
playing with my dick all the time he was telling it.
“So then I was a little worried about the next move. I’d gotten the kid
all worked up, and as I’d hoped, he hadn’t resisted when I went down on his
horny tool. But now he’d gotten his rocks off, and sooner or later his
conscience would move back from his balls to his brain. I was half-afraid
he’d come to and punch me out. I am pleased to say that this was not the
“Trying to stall the moment of truth, Naked Preteen Boys I kept his cock in my mouth. By
the time he finished emptying that horse-sized load, it was a little less
stiff, sort of rubbery, but still a lot of fun to suck on. One of his hands
was resting on my back, the other thrown over his face, covering his
eyes. After a few minutes, I noticed a couple of things. Dean was gently
kneading my back again, and his cock, which had never really gone soft, was
surging back to s full hard erection. When Naked Preteen Boys
he started to pump under me
again, pushing his stiffening meat in and out of my come-flooded mouth, I
realized we might just be starting round two. Then I knew we were when he
said, in a funny lower than usual voice, ‘Tim. Take your clothes off, too.’
I established a world’s record for getting my clothes off, turning out the
overhead light and getting back into that bed with him.”
“Ha!” I said. “”Never knew it to take you more than about thirty
seconds anyway.”
“I think it was about ten that night. And the hunk was hard as a rock
and waiting for me with open arms. I discovered I had unleashed a repressed
tiger of sexuality. He was all over me as soon as I hit the mattress, and
the next thing I knew we were locked together in a very passionate
soul-kiss, his tongue probing around in my jism-soaked mouth and looking
for my tonsils. After that, I held on for dear life. I still didn’t know
just how far he’d go, but I was to find out. He went wild when I finally
did start chewing on his nuts, and the next thing I knew, he had me pulled
around so he could get to mine at the same time.
“You know what having my balls eaten does to me, and I was as hot as a
cheap stove already from the first trip. My cock was screaming for some
action, and I shifted position just enough to give him the chance, and I
hoped the idea. He got the idea and took the chance. If I hadn’t been
certain it was his first time already, I’d have been sure as soon as he
opened his mouth and took me, but I slowed him down, guided his head, and
he learned real fast. In a very few minutes, he was sucking like an old
trouper, taking most of my meat every time, and clutching the cheeks of my
ass like he meant it.
“I was too primed to last long, and suddenly Naked Preteen Boys I felt that clench under
my nuts that told me it was all over. I’d taken his dick again, sucking it
to encourage him in what he was doing on mine, although I must say he
didn’t seem to need much encouraging. I let it go long enough to gasp out a
warning that I was about to shoot my load, so he could pull off if he
wasn’t ready to take it, but the only response was that he sucked me even
deeper into his throat.
“That did it, and I grabbed his boner back into my mouth while stars
burst behind my eyes and I blasted off inside his sweet hot mouth. He
gagged once, in surprise, I think, Naked Preteen Boys but then recovered and stayed right
where he was, still sucking and swallowing every drop of cream I fed into
him. He kept sucking for more until my fucking balls ached and I had to
pull him off. He spun around above me, covering my bod with his, and the
next moment I tasted my own load while we were kissing again. He hadn’t
gotten off, however, not the second time, and while he tongue wrestled with
me, I spread my legs, letting that big shaft Naked Preteen Boys slide between them and
trapping it with my thighs. He just moaned into my mouth, went right on
kissing me, and started to hump my tender balls.
“Oh, yes, my fevered little mind said, oh, yes. Time for a little
further corruption of a no-longer innocent freshman. I lifted my knees on
either side of him, curling my ass up against his humping groin. He
half-gasped and half grunted when the sliding head of his ramrod-stiff tool
snagged against my hole. He was still spit slick from the sixty-nine suck,
and once more drooling lube, and I decided this was no time to stop for
extra grease. I reached under my butt, grabbed his cock, aimed it and
relaxed my hole as best I could.
“He froze for a second, absolutely not moving. I think this time I’d
surprised him. But I pushed my ass up against his cock, and there was no
way he could miss what I wanted him to do. With a deep, guttural moan of
pure young lust, he thrust forward, and I think it blew his mind when half
of his stiff pole slid right up my asshole on the first stroke. ‘Oh, God,
Tim. Oh, sweet Jesus, yes!’ he groaned against my lips, and in one deep
lunge, he buried the rest of it inside me. His bush ground against my
cheeks as he opened my butt with that whole big studcock.
“Like I said, a guy has to learn to suck a dick, but fucking a hot,
willing asshole is a native instinct. After a couple of seconds to adjust
to what was happening, that stud started to plow my butt like he’d never
done anything else. I hooked my knees over his arms, opening my a ss as
wide as possible for him, and proceeded to get a royal screwing. After the
first load he’d inundated my throat with, he wasn’t about to come quickly,
and that suited me just fine. I hoped he’d stay right where he was and fuck
my tail the whole damned night.
“And he was a lover, too. He was kissing me passionately, nuzzling my
neck, chewing on my ears and all the time pistoning seven inches plus of
steel-hard young dick in and out of my stretched bunghole. Face to face, I
discovered his hot tits were as much of a turnon to play with as look
at. Big flat nipples, the size of half-dollars, on his broad hairless
chest. They were sexy as hell, and as soon as I started pinching them, they
stood up like twin erections on his tits. He seemed to like it, too, while
his dick tried to find new depths in my guts to pound.
“I lifted my butt even higher, until he was almost driving his dick
straight down into me. He was fucking faster and faster, and the swollen
knob on his tool was battering my prostate on every head-to-base
thrust. All at once I realized I was going to shoot again, and I told him
so. He Naked Preteen Boys
got the message, and shifted into high gear, splitting my ass like
a pile driver.
“When I moaned in heat and the first two thick gobs erupted from my
swollen prick between us, he cried out, ramming home to the bottom of my
hole, and let loose another monster orgasm halfway to my lungs. I could
feel his cock spurting with every spasm of my own climax, and it felt like
he was shooting his load straight through me, like it was jetting out of
his dick into my ass and then re-emerging through my cock.”
We were both turned on again, and Timmy began to wrap up the story. “To
make a long story short, he stayed the night, and threw me a simply
beautiful fuck and sucked my dick again the next morning. In between, we
talked. As I’d suspected, Dean told me he had never touched another guy, or
girl for that matter, before, but when I’d started massaging him, he’d
started to Naked Preteen Boys get aroused. By the time I finally grabbed his dick, he had been
praying that I would, but had no idea how to get things started himself.
“Once I had started, he just followed his instincts. Apprehensively, I
asked if he was upset by it, now that Naked Preteen Boys the passionate need that had driven
our sex was blunted. Dean just grinned and said Hell, no. He figured he’d
have to sort Naked Preteen Boys
it out later, but right then he was totally satisfied, more
than he ever had been, and completely exhausted, and could he sleep over? I
told him if he got out of the bed right then, I’d never speak to him again,
and that is how a certain freshman got his first lover.”
“So what happened to Dean?” I asked, “Do you still Naked Preteen Boys see Naked Preteen Boys
“That’s the other half of the story, and the ‘mistake’ Naked Preteen Boys I mentioned
“Well, hang on a sec. I gotta go take a leak after those beers.” I’d
been so involved in Timmy’s tale, I had forgotten his suggestive remarks
about the beer when I first arrived, and I stood up to go to the head. But
Timmy hadn’t forgotten, as I quickly learned.
“Hmmm. Thought you’d never ask. Feel like trying something new?”
My memory came Naked Preteen Boys back, and I leered down at him. “Before or after I
piss?” My dick had softened halfway with the need to go, and I fondled it
lewdly in front of him.
“While you piss. Follow Timmy.” He led me to the john, and I kinda
thought he was just gonna watch while I pissed, or hold my dick for me. A
guy I screwed sometimes at my old school had gotten off on that. But Tim
sat down on the john, legs spread wide, and started playing with his fat,
swollen dick. “Do it, stud! Piss out all that beer right on my cock. Soak
my balls with your hot piss.”
His voice was throaty, urgent, and I knew he meant it. I felt a twinge
in my nuts at how hot he looked; spread-eagled on the toilet right in front
of me, and for a moment, I was afraid I’d get too hard to piss. Naked Preteen Boys
But the two
beers in my bladder won that race, and I stepped up right between his legs
and aimed my hose for the boner wrapped in his pumping hand. I concentrated
on the pressure I felt, and finally, with a groan, let loose the first hard
spurt of urine, which hit dead center, splashing all over his cock and
balls and hand. Another spurt, like a hose kicking with an air bubble and
then the dam broke.
My pent-up bladder began to empty in a rushing flood of hot smelly
urine, gushing out in a golden river. I grabbed my dick, playing it back
and forth over his crotch while he moaned in pleasure, his hand pumping
even faster on his shaft under the torrent. “Higher, stud! Piss on my
tits! All over me, man, soak me with it!” I raised the head of my cock, and
the stream followed, playing across his chest, splashing all over the
place. He was drenched in urine, and from the way his fist was pounding his
meat, he loved every fucking second of it.
The whole scene was wild. I’d never pissed on a guy before, and I was
amazed at what a turnon it was. I felt like I could piss forever, the flood
from my hose going on and on, unabated. But Timmy wasn’t through surprising
me. So fast I didn’t have time to react, he lunged forward from the waist
and swallowed my erupting cock halfway! Oh God! I couldn’t believe it, but
there was no way in Hell I could stop pissing then.
Once I’d started, I had to empty it all or bust. And there was Timmy,
soaked with half my bladderful and greedily drinking the rest! I didn’t
think at Naked Preteen Boys first he’d be able to keep up, but he was swallowing fast, never
letting my erupting prick slip out of his lips, and he never missed a drop.
After what seemed like an unbelievably long time, the flood of hot
liquid finally ebbed. Timmy kept sucking at my semi-soft cock, making sure
he got every bit of urine I had to give, and I began to grow hard again
inside the warm, piss-flooded mouth. In a moment, I had a roaring erection
all over again, and the hot stud was lustily deep-throating it. I pulled
his head off my dick and tugged him to his feet. Pulling his wet, smelly
body against mine, I covered his mouth with mine in a deep,
tongue-thrusting kiss.
This was a whole new trip, and I was really getting into it. Holding
him, I could smell the sharp aroma of my own urine, with which he was
soaked. And when I French-kissed him, I could taste my piss in his
mouth. The sharp salty tang wasn’t unpleasant at all, in fact, it was very
sexy. Turning us around, so that I was in front of the toilet, I broke the
kiss and began to lick and nibble my way down his lithe nude body. His tits
were still damp, and I lapped the droplets of golden dew off each one. The
fine bronze-hued hair that trailed from his navel down to his crotch
yielded more, and led me to the main course.
A moment later, I was sitting on the can, my face buried under his
stiff meat, with a mouthful of ripe-smelling balls. His whole crotch reeked
like a urinal in a bar late at night, and the aroma and flavor was driving
me wild. Timmy was humping his smelly groin against my face, and moaning
with lust. From the way his iron-stiff pecker was thumping my cheek, I knew
he was a whisker from coming.
I grabbed his hips and took his jerking rod all the way in one gulp.
“Oh, god! Bill! So fucking hot!” He moaned above me and on my second
lip-stroke along his thrusting meat, his climax exploded onto my
tongue. The pent-up load rushed up out of his nuts, bolt after bolt
flooding my gullet, mixing with the traces of my own piss. Ramming his
bursting cock all the way down my throat, and trembling from head to toe,
Timmy pumped his jism into me as fast as
could guzzle it down. While it drenched my tongue, I noticed how sweet the
semen tasted, contrasted to the tangy piss, and I started to get ideas.
At last Tim’s shuddering orgasm came to an end, but I stayed right
where I was, slurping and sucking at the swollen tube until it began to
soften in my mouth. Soon it was rubbery and flexible and still I held
it. Timmy got his breath, and his voice back. “Uh, Bill? That feels real
good man, real good. But, uh, I … Remember I have at least two beers in
me now. And, uh, I gotta…” Without releasing his dick, I nodded and
muttered “Uh-huh,” around it. Timmy, bright lad, caught on.
“Oh yeah, stud! Gotta piss, man, gotta get rid of all that hot piss you
pumped in my throat. Take it, take my hot Naked Preteen Boys piss, … Ungh…. Now!”
Did you ever try to get a sip from a garden hose in the summer and have
some joker suddenly turn it on full force? Then you know just how I felt
when Timmy’s sphincter opened and his dick inundated my mouth and throat
with hot salty urine. My head was ready for the scene, and my dick was
stiff as a board in my lap, but I just hadn’t realized how fast a man could
piss when he had to go real bad. I didn’t even taste the first couple of
mouthfuls, having no choice but to swallow as fast as I could to keep from
drowning. Once I got the rhythm, I just kept my throat open, letting the
torrent of body-temperature liquid flow straight from his spouting hose and
down my gullet. The sharp tang exploded on my taste buds, and the ripe
smell filled my nose completely.
And Jesus, but that hot kid could piss! In a moment, I was starting to
really feel full, and the river of urine was coming as strong as ever. I
couldn’t really keep up, and the flood was overflowing my lips around his
prick, running down my chin and over my chest. Finally, I had to release
the still-gushing tube from my over-filled mouth, but I held on to it,
aiming it onto my front, and then into my crotch. I could not believe how
sexy it felt, cascading over my rock-hard, throbbing cock.
By the time Timmy’s bladder emptied all the way, the last couple of
hard spurts splashing onto my tits and face, I was more excited than ever,
and I knew just what my cock was hungry for. I stood up, grabbing him and
kissing him hard, the taste of his piss still filling my mouth while our
tongues ground together. Then I turned him around, bending him over so he
had to lean against the back of the john, and grabbed his ass cheeks in my
hands. I realized that this was probably the longest I’d ever been with
Timmy without having my cock up his butt, and it was time to rectify that.
He knew just what I wanted, and he reached back, spreading his own ass
wide apart and shoving it back onto my hard cock. In a deep lunging thrust,
I buried my throbbing erection all the way up his ever-ready chute, and a
moment later I was reaming his guts in a hard stud-fuck. My introduction to
water sports had me so turned on I was about to blow my nuts already, and
it only took a few bowel-deep strokes to have my balls tight as a drum and
spasming for release.
“Unghh!” My howl of lust mixed with his deep groan when I erupted,
blasting yet another stream of hot man-sap into his guts. I kept fucking,
battering his butt with my crotch on every stroke, while I pumped bolt
after bolt of thick cream into him. When I finally stopped shooting, we
were both more spent than I remembered being in a long time. I just held
him, curled over him, with my slowly softening meat still imbedded to the
root in his cummy hole. He Naked Preteen Boys flexed his rectal muscles, caressing the thick
tube inside him, and emitted a gut-deep sigh of satisfaction.
“Good lord. You think there’s some way I can bottle how I feel right
this minute? If I could sell it, I’d make a fortune.”
“Uhn-uhn, no way. It’s too much fun fucking into this condition. Who in
hell would want to get it from a bottle?” We chuckled, and I became aware a
sensation that I was starting to associate very much with sex. “Uh, Timmy?”
He just grunted in lust. “I think that beer is about to get re-cycled one
more time.”
“Oh yeah! Let me have it, baby. Gimme all that hot piss, right up my
asshole! Do it!” and his words changed to a low growl of pleasure when my
cock cut loose one more time, giving him back the piss we had already
shared from each other’s fountains.
After we took a long hot shower together, we finally decided that we
were both hungry for some more conventional nourishment. On the way into
town to grab some burgers, I remembered that Timmy hadn’t quite finished
his story. Somehow, we’d gotten distracted. “So. As you were saying. What
was this mistake you made with Dean?”
“Oh, right. I was reminded when you asked me about gay bars. For two or
three months, it was pure heaven. Dean was a fabulous lover, and he seemed
to adore me. His sexual horizons just kept expanding, and we spent as much
time in the sack as we could arrange. But we didn’t go out at all
together. Finally, I discovered I was a subject of much speculation among
my gay friends. I’d disappeared from the scene, and everybody was
wondering where in hell I was.
“Of course, I was also very pleased with myself for having snared a
hunk like Dean, and I decided it was time to share my triumph. I’d been
invited to a party, and I took Dean along, arriving late deliberately to
maximize the impact of our entrance. Naked Preteen Boys Naturally, Dean was the hit of the
evening, and everybody adored him. Like I said, he was stunning, and a real
sweetheart of a person as well. How could they not flip over him? Everyone
kept pulling me aside and telling me how jealous they were, and I reveled
in it.
“The only problem was, so did Dean. To make a long story short, I
brought the kid out of the closet, and promptly lost him. By the end of the
term he was definitely one of the most well known guys on campus. Honey, I
thought I was a major whore, but once he got loose, Dean never stopped. And
the moral of this story is, if you discover a hunk Naked Preteen Boys
in the closet, don’t
bring him out, go in with him and lock the door.”
I assured Timmy that I was already out, and got the name of the local
gay bar from him. It wasn’t in town, but outside Madison, the nearest
medium-sized city, about thirty miles away. Without a car, that could be a
pain. He also said that contacts had been known to be made at the Tube, but
it required discretion, and subtlety. I Naked Preteen Boys
said that there had to be at least
one cruisy tearoom on the campus, and he laughed and said there were
three. I Naked Preteen Boys made sure I knew which ones.
Timmy was all for going to the Tube right then, having a few beers,
“for fuel” as he put it, and then heading back to his apartment, but I
begged off. I was in school, I protested, and as hot as sex with him could
be, if I didn’t do some studying, I wouldn’t be around to enjoy it the next
term. We made a tentative date for the next time, and I went back to the
dorm. Larry Joe was there when I came in, studying in just a pair of
jockeys. Even after my long evening with Timmy, the way my hunky roommate
filled out a pair of jockeys was enough to kindle my lust. I sighed
inwardly. I still didn’t understand it, but it was beginning to seem that
that first night had been a pure aberration. If he was really
schizophrenic, I just wished his other half would reappear one of these
The next two nights were uneventful, and a much needed rest. Friday I
stayed in, buried in an armload of books from the library and trying to
make sense of my own notes for my first paper of the term. I finished the
first draft, and was pleased with it, just after eleven. I was looking at
my watch and wondering if the walk to the Tube was worth it that late - I
could only have had one beer - when the door to the room flew open with a
bang. Three obviously soused sophomores, my dear young roommate and his
cronies, collapsed through it, whooping and giggling. Well, somebody had
been to the Tube, that was obvious.
“There’s Bill!” Dave cried, seemingly both delighted and extremely
surprised to find me in my own room, of all places.
“Yeah. Good old Bill. He’s a real wunner… wounder, … a great guy!”
That was from roomie, once again blasted to the gills.
“Yeah? Then why’s he sober, huh?” Danny protested. “You’re a great guy.
I’m a great guy. Even Tom here’s a great guy.” He paused to look at Tommy,
who appeared to have passed out leaning against the wall and was slowly
sliding down it toward the floor. “Only I think we lost Tom. And we aren’t
sober, right?”
“Right,” I answered, “you sure the hell ain’t. What did you three
turkeys do, buy out the Tube’s weekly supplies?”
“We’re celebratin’!” Larry Joe announced, very pleased with himself.
I couldn’t help but laugh with them. “Jesus, you must be. What?”
Ellipsis was too much for Larry Joe. “Huh?”
I said it slowly, one word at a time. “What - are - you - three
“Oh! Uh, … uh…” he looked at Danny, Naked Preteen Boys who just shook his head,
laughing so Naked Preteen Boys hard there were tears in his eyes. “Wait a minute, now. I know
we were celebrating something. Maybe ole Tommy remembers.” We all
looked. Tommy had completed his slide and was sitting on the floor, his
back against the wall. I doubted if he remembered much of anything at that
point. “Hmmm. Guess not. Well, we had something to celebrate and we
celebrated it real good!”
“Looks like. I think I should toss you all into the showers.”
“Not me,” Danny started for the door. “I gotta get back to my room and
into old beddy-bye. You guys go on without me.”
“Oh no you don’t,” I stopped him. “Hold on. Aren’t you forgetting
something?” He looked at me blankly until I pointed to Tommy. “That is your
roommate, not ours. You brought him here, take him out with you.” Tommy
groaned right at that moment, letting us know he was still alive, anyway. I
helped Danny pull him to his feet, and slung his arm over the smaller boy’s
shoulders. He was just conscious enough to walk, with help. “Ta Ta,
fellas. Drop in again sometime.” I was nearly hysterical watching the two
of them lurch off down the hall.
Larry Joe sat, or more exactly, collapsed onto his bed, chuckling
drunkenly. “Oh shit! Blasted again. Help me up, Bill old pal. I got to
take Naked Preteen Boys
a piss ‘fore I pass out.”
The memory circuits clicked as I suddenly had a feeling I’d played this
scene before. Larry Joe soused, me helping him piss, then his
’sleepwalking’ later, and the best fuck I’d ever experienced. Could
lightning strike twice? Sticking to the script that had worked the first
time, I grinned as I grabbed his arm. “Sure pal, only I think I’d better go
along to make sure you get back.” He didn’t protest, and once again I was
treated to the sight of his immense hose releasing a flood of beer piss. Of
course, that first night I’d only been turned on by the size of his
dong. Now that Timmy had introduced me to new Naked Preteen Boys
pleasures, I threw a rod as
soon as he started, and it was all I could do to keep myself from dropping
to my knees and wrapping my hot mouth around the gushing prick.
My erection didn’t go down at all while I supported him back across the
hall and started to help him undress. As before, I wasn’t really helping as
much as doing, only Larry Joe didn’t pass out quite so immediately. When I
had him stripped to his jockeys, he fell back on his bed while I quickly
stripped down myself. I was hoping we could get right to the heart of
things this time, but when I headed back to his bed, naked and hard as a
rock, he was gone.
He lay sprawled on his back, his hunky chest rising and falling
steadily in the deep sleep of the truly zonked. I wasn’t ready to leave
things to chance and just wait to see if he decided to ’sleepwalk’,
however. I managed to pull the white briefs off him, and fondled his huge
but still flaccid sex in my hands. He sighed softly in his sleep, but did
not really respond. I sat on the edge of his bed and bent over him,
slurping the soft, uncut tube into my hot eager mouth. Even unaroused,
that mammoth organ nearly filled my oral cavity, and I hungrily sucked at
it, running my tongue inside the loose foreskin and around the sweet,
lube-flavored glans.
While I worked the fat shaft over with my mouth, I slid my hand up
between his muscular thighs to play with his enormous, sap-heavy
balls. After a couple of minutes, the heavy meat had swelled to half-hard,
but no further. He wasn’t dead, but he was still out. The rest of him
hadn’t moved, and I finally realized I was working too hard for little
reward. Yet. But would he recover later? With a sigh, I let his swollen
cock slide from Naked Preteen Boys
my lips. Trying to ignore the ramrod erection in my own
crotch, and the unfulfilled ache in my nuts, I snapped off all of the
lights except for one low-wattage one on his desk, made sure I latched the
door, and went to bed. I intended to stay awake a while and see what happened, but I must have
dozed off. I woke up immediately at the sound of the door rattling. In the
dim light, I saw my hot roommate standing at the door, stark naked and
sporting the magnificent boner I remembered so well. He tugged at the knob
again, obviously stopped cold by the unexpected latched door. Score one for
my side. My own dick surging back to ready stiffness, I spoke softly,
“Larry Joe?”
He turned toward me with that dazed empty look in his eyes. “Huh?”
“Hey man, don’t go out there. You don’t want to take a walk right now.
Come over here instead.” He didn’t move, just stood there. “Come on, Larry
Joe. Come to your old pal Bill. Bill can take care of you.” I sat up on
the edge of my bed, facing him.
“Yeah, Bill.” He said it flat, but still didn’t move. I was about to
get up, go over and get him, when suddenly he turned and started across the
room, but toward my bed not his. A foot from me he uttered the same phrase
he had that first night, and I knew my dreams had come true
again. “Horny. Wanna fuck.”
“Oh, stud, you can say that again! Bring that damned horse’s cock of
yours over here and we’ll fuck all night long!” As soon as he was within
reach, I reached. I grabbed his monster tool, and pulled him all the way to
my bed with it, guiding it straight into my wet, waiting mouth. With a low
growl, Larry Joe curled his strong fingers into my thick hair, and fed me
all ten inches plus in one deep throat-stretching thrust, until my nose was
buried in the ripe, heady smell of his pubic bush. I still did not quite
believe the “sleepwalking” bit, but right then I wasn’t going to argue. As
long as it meant I got to suck on the biggest, hottest cock on campus, he
could pretend to be hypnotized if he wanted to.
Right then, he wasn’t pretending Naked Preteen Boys to be anything but hot to trot. We
both moaned in passion and lust while he stood by my bed, force-feeding me
every bit of his rigid meat. I grabbed his sexy butt in both hands,
kneading the firm cheeks in my clutching fingers and using it to pull his
groin toward me, swallowing the length of his huge organ again and
again. Once started, as before, Larry Joe didn’t waste a moment, but
plunged into all-out sex. And got verbal.
“Oh God, yes, Bill! Suck it, man, suck my fucking hot dick! So good,
baby! Take it all, all the way inside you! Suck my goddammed balls off!” I
let him do all the talking, since my mouth and throat were more than busy
enough handling the immense shaft driving in and out of my lips.
Hard as he was, the foreskin was pulled completely off the golf-ball
sized glans that crowned his dick, but the skin along the shaft still slid
loosely back and forth while it rammed into me. As much fun as I was having
sucking on his uncut supercock, however, I still remembered all of the
pleasures his body could afford, and decided to vary the action just a
bit. After one last slurp all the way to the base, sucking his prick head
deep into my gullet, I pulled back from the huge column. Larry Joe was in
high gear by then, and eagerly let me pull him down onto my bed on his
back. Ready and willing, he opened his tree-trunk thighs wide when I dove
between them. In a second, I was just as eagerly attacking his massive
balls with my hungry mouth.
The heady aroma of his crotch was the same ripe musky aphrodisiac I
remembered well. It filled my head when I slurped at the wrinkled, hairy
sack under his pole, and the come-filled twin spheres inside it. Licking
and sucking, I played with his nuts until he was groaning steadily, bucking
his hips up to force his groin into Naked Preteen Boys my mouth. As his passion rose, so did
his legs, his knees lifting on either side of my upper body while he opened
his crotch completely for me. I caught his calves with my hands, forcing
them up and apart while I swallowed his balls.
I let my tongue move downward, below the enormous orbs, licking and
nibbling along the sensitive ridge between them and that fabulous ass. The
growls of pleasure from above encouraged me onward, and Larry Joe let me
push his knees even higher, toward his muscular chest. A moment later, my
face was buried in the deep cleft between his hot cheeks, and we both
shuddered in sexheat when my mouth closed on the sweet snug circle of his
hole. From the first time I’d seen it, I knew that asshole was made to be
eaten out, and hotter than a cheap pistol myself, that is just what I
did. Kneading the smooth flesh of his butt even harder in my hands, I
plunged my tongue as far as possible into his hot funky chute, exciting
both of us to a fever pitch.
Larry Joe moaned even more while I rimmed his ass for all I was worth,
and the combination of sensations was really getting to him. “So fucking
hot, Bill! Eat my ass! Shove that hot fucking tongue in me, stud! Fuck me
with your tongue. Naked Preteen Boys Too much too dammed hot! Ungh! Oh, God, take my cock!
Suck my dick again, man! Gonna shoot any second!”
I never argue with a cock that’s ready to shoot. Lowering those big
muscular legs halfway, I immediately slurped half of his throbbing and
ramrod-stiff meat back inside my throat. He wasn’t kidding about being
close, I could tell that from the unbelievable rigidity of the enormous
shaft as once again I pumped my lips back and forth, trying to take every
inch of it inside me. When I knew I had him right on the edge of blasting
off, I let go of one leg to slide my hand into the hot, wet crevice of his
butt. Swallowing as much as I possibly could of of his unbelievably swollen
cock, I shoved two fingers deep inside the spit-slimed opening to his
rectum. That was all Larry Joe needed.
With a Richter-6 growl of unadulterated lust, he grabbed my head in his
hands, holding me firmly in the vee of his groin while his gut-stuffer
geysered an incredible flood of hot thick cream into my waiting and very
willing mouth. Every spurt was as much as most guys’ entire loads, and they
just kept coming, a torrent of the sweetest jism I’d ever tasted. Again and
again the mammoth hose jerked and twitched, each time blasting a huge jet
of come against the back of my throat while the hunky stud thrashed in
passion below me. As I had come to expect, the eventual end of Larry Joe’s immediate
climax did nothing to diminish the stiffness in his prick. I sucked at the
pulsating rod until I was sure I had every drop and dribble of Naked Preteen Boys his first
load, but I wasn’t about to quit yet. And from the way his anus had spasmed
and quivered around my imbedded fingers while he shot his wad, I knew just
what I wanted for the second course. I didn’t know whether my stud roommate
liked to get fucked, but right then I was in no mood to stop and discuss
I didn’t have to. When I let my fingers slip out of the tight sheath,
the sexy farmboy pulled my head up out of his crotch, tugging me up along
his body to lie on top of him. When our lips met in a passionate kiss with
a rich come flavor, he wrapped his legs around my waist so that my own
steel-hard cock slid right into the valley of his butt. While his hot
tongue wrestled with mine between our joined lips, his ass bucked up
against me, rubbing his sopping hole back and forth along the incredibly
sensitive length of my shaft. I was pretty sure that he Naked Preteen Boys wanted just what I
did, and certain of it when he broke the soul kiss just long enough to
growl in my ear. “Stuff that hot dick inside me, Bill! Fuck my dammed ass
Our first night together, I’d had the extreme pleasure of having all
ten inches of Larry Joe’s rampant manhood plow my own guts open, and I was
ready, willing and very able to return the favor. I still could only guess
at how much experience my stud buddy had really had, though. And nobody’s
ever complained that my dick was too small. So Naked Preteen Boys when I once more bent him
double, pushing his knees back up to his incredibly sexy chest, and guided
my drooling cock to the gateway to his guts, I forced myself to try and
take it slow and easy.
I never stood a chance. The moment he felt my lube-slick glans nudge at
his sphincter, Larry grabbed my hips with both hands, pulling me down while
he bucked his ass upwards. Like an express freight entering a mountain
tunnel, my shaft buried itself in one of the hottest, hungriest assholes
I’d ever plumbed. I groaned in concert with him while my tender nuts
slammed into the deep cleft of his oh-so-fuckable butt.
It was all I could do to keep from blasting my wad up his guts the
moment I was fully sheathed. I was so hot from eating his asshole and
sucking that monster dong of his and his butt was so fucking tight and
slippery and hot around my imbedded tool! My nuts squirmed in their tight
sack like they were alive, and my pole jerked and twitched inside the snug
cavern of Larry Joe’s incredible ass. I concentrated on not coming, keeping
my ramrod buried to the hilt inside my hot jock of a roommate. After a
minute, my balls cooled down just enough so I could slowly begin to pump my
hardon in and out of the gripping tube of his rectum.
Larry Joe helped, by grabbing his own knees and lifting and spreading
them to really open up his hole for my long-dick assault. Soon, I was
really plowing that hot hole for all it was worth, gasping in passion when
I pulled my throbbing cock nearly out of the tight passage, only to ram it
all the way home again, over and over. My aching nuts banged against the
sweaty cheeks of his butt on every stroke, while I tried to get them inside
him with my prick. Had I worried whether Larry wanted Naked Preteen Boys
to get fucked? From
his constant groans, and grunted requests to do it harder, deeper and
faster, I could tell I needn’t have!
The stud was getting off on my battering ram up his butt as much as I
was; his huge cock as hard as ever and dripping sex-juice onto his navel
while I explored the deepest recesses of his fuck-chute. All too soon, I
felt the cream churning up out of my balls, and this time I knew there was
no way in Hades to stop my climax. I was flying now, giving the hunk bent
double under me every inch of my meat on every stroke, a mile a minute. He
could tell I was about to explode.
“Hot damn, stud! Fuck my brains out! Shoot it, Bill, shoot your hot
fucking load deep in my butt! All the fucking way, man!”
“Oh, yeah, stud! Gonna do it! Gonna fill your ass with hot come! I’m
gonna shoot all of my ball-juice up your ass till it runs out of your ears!
Now, Larry, oh, yeah, now… Gonna… I’m… Take my hot
fucking… Unngghh!”
I swear I damn near blacked out from the sheer intensity of my climax
while I pumped bolt after bolt of steaming jism into his clutching and
spasming chute. I wasn’t aware of anything in the entire world except my
cock and his asshole, and the flood of cream the former was depositing in
the latter. A brief sample of eternity slipped past while I emptied my
balls into him. When I finally started to come down, I thought about
checking my scrotum to make sure both my nuts were still there.
Larry Joe’s legs still circled my waist and we kissed each other like
we’d invented it while my spent organ began to soften inside his thoroughly
cum-drenched hole. I broke the kiss to sigh in his ear, “Jesus H. what a
“I’ll say!” he growled, “wanna do that some more, hot stuff?”
“God, I couldn’t. I think it’ll take me a week to get up a load again.”
He chuckled, “I guess that’s a compliment. Uh, in that case, how’d you
like to roll over and let me take a whack? Our friend down there’s all
fired up again from that internal massage you just delivered. Wanna get
fucked, man?”
Is Paris a city? Does the Mississippi flow south? Does a bear… you
get the picture. In sixty seconds flat, I was on my belly, ass in the air,
with my horny roommate’s talented tongue probing deep inside my quivering
anus. The tongue left, to be replaced by two spit lubed fingers that
loosened me up until my hole was begging for something bigger. Like more
than ten inches of stiff boa constrictor meat. And as hot as Larry Joe was,
I didn’t have long to wait.
Saints above, did that man know how to fuck! While he split my asshole
open once again with his enormous pole, my own cock, which I’d been sure
was through for the duration, swelled back to a nearly full hardon. That
huge prick of his just took up so much room inside me, I think it forced
the blood out into my stiffening rod. Riding Naked Preteen Boys my ass like a pro, Larry gave
me a long sweet hot fuck, and I was moaning in renewed passion when his
already incredible shaft swelled even larger and blasted a second
bull-sized load of spunk into my bowels.
Really spent now, both of us, we collapsed on the extremely rumpled
bed, Larry Joe’s big body so warm and comfortable on top of me, with his
rubbery hose still imbedded in me. Even half soft, it stretched my anus,
giving me a fabulously filled sensation. We just lay together for a few
minutes, until I sensed my hot hunk shift, about to pull out.
“Don’t! Keep it in me, Larry. Keep that big hot cock up my asshole!”
“Umm. I’d leave it there all night, man, but I gotta take one wicked
piss soon, or my bladder’s gonna bust.”
Oh, Jesus! My dick jumped, stiffening back to a full stand under me
immediately. I remembered little Tim moaning in lust when I pissed in his
butt. Would Larry Joe think I was … I grabbed his muscular thighs with my
hands, holding him right where he was. “Oh yeah, babe. Do it. Let it go
right now.”
“Huh? You don’t mean you want me to…”
“Yeah, stud! Piss in me! Give me that hot load. Pump your Naked Preteen Boys fucking hot
piss up my guts with your thick cream. Fill me up with everything that hot
cock has!”
“God, Bill! Fucking wild, but I don’t know if I can do it. Your ass is
so tight I can’t…” he paused, and I could feel him trying to relax,
trying to loosen his sphincter. “Man, I really gotta go bad, I gotta, oh,
oh yeah, oh shit, Bill, here it … Ahhhhh!”
If I’d thought Tim pissed a lot the first time I drank it from his
cock, it was a mere dribble compared to what that muscular blonde stud
unleashed into my stretched rectum. It was like having a firehose shoved up
my ass and turned on. Larry Joe was steadily moaning above me while his
overfilled bladder unloaded, and my own groans blended with his. What a
fucking unbelievable feeling! Like the biggest orgasm imaginable, only it
wasn’t spurts, but a constant river, pumping into me, filling my ass and
guts with hot fluid. On and on, my hunky stud of a roommate pissed. I
thought he’d go all night, while the flood of urine filled my ass more than
I’d thought possible.
When the torrent ebbed to a flow, then finally trickled off, that fat
hose twitching in my anus when the last drops spurted out, I felt like I
had a whole fucking reservoir inside my bowels. And more satisfied than I’d
ever been in my life. Thanks to Timmy, I’d discovered a whole new set of
sexual thrills. I don’t think it was a turnoff for Larry either. “God,
Bill! I never felt anything like that before. Fucking wild.”
“You know it, stud. Have you been saving up for a few days? I thought
you weren’t gonna stop!”
He laughed, nuzzling my neck. “Had a lotta beer, I guess. Naked Preteen Boys You okay?”
“Better ‘n ever. But, uh, now I’m the one who better get to the head.
Much as I’d love to stay right here till you’re ready to fuck again, my gut
tells me a pit stop is in order.” He gently slipped his softened shaft
from my stretched sopping hole. I waited a second until I was sure I could
keep it closed long enough to reach the bathroom, then slipped on a robe
and crossed the hall. Thank god it was Naked Preteen Boys
late, and everybody else was asleep.
When I finally let my anus open again, it was like the Hoover Dam giving
way. As the incredible flood of mixed liquids rushed out, I understood why
some guys get off on enemas. My ass was going to be a lot emptier and
cleaner than ever before. When my already swollen dick grew even more, I
wondered if Larry could get that horse-dick up enough to fill me up one
more time. Ready for another one of his patented stud reamings, I hurried
back to the room.
I groaned when I opened the door, and heard the unmistakable sounds of
Larry Joe’s satisfied snoring filling the room. The fucking bastard had
passed out on me again, only this time he’d done it in my bed. So much for
round three. I closed the door and walked over to the bed, looking down at
the naked hunk. He was sprawled flat on his belly, with that magnificent
butt staring up at me, bare and sexy as hell. He was out, no question, but
my hard dick wasn’t really ready to call it a night, and that wide open ass
was just too tempting to pass up.
He was one climax up on Naked Preteen Boys me anyway, and I hoped that a good screwing
might wake him, and the boa constrictor, up. Feeling only slightly Naked Preteen Boys guilty
at taking such outrageous advantage of his vulnerable state, I swung my
knees astride his hips, and aimed the head of my prick right for the center
of his deep, sweaty cleft. At the first touch, his already lubed hole
opened like a blossoming flower to accept my rod. When I slid it home to
the very base, Larry Joe moaned softly between snores and flexed his ass
muscles around my invading meat.
Even sound asleep, the hunk was one hell of a fabulous fuck. His butt
rose and fell under me, meeting every thrust of my throbbing organ, and the
snug walls of his slippery chute grasped and spasmed around it. It was like
being jacked off by a hand inside his hot rectum. Naked Preteen Boys Once in the saddle, I
rode his ass for real, giving him every inch of my rampant cock time and
again. He was grunting and groaning in passion while I plowed him open, but
be damned if he wasn’t also snoring the whole fucking time.
All too soon, in spite of the powerful climax I’d had not too long
before, I felt my balls slamming up against the base of my pile-driving
cock. With a deep sigh of sheer pleasure, I buried the throbbing tool all
the way inside my hunky roommate’s fabulous ass and pumped another thick
load of cream into his guts. I collapsed across his broad muscular back,
gasping for air as my over stimulated senses regathered themselves. Larry
Joe purred in his sleep, sounding as satisfied as I felt, but even the hot
stud-fuck hadn’t awakened him. Totally and completely spent myself, I
rolled us over onto our sides, and went to sleep with my only semi-limp
dick still imbedded in his come-drenched butt.
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